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Roadblocks to Hoosier Health Series

In a 3-part Emmy award-winning series, FOX59's Beairshelle Edmé explores several health disparities and how they exasperate the Covid-19 pandemic. In the 1st report, she learns Hoosiers of color made up the majority of early coronavirus deaths, though these Hoosiers make up a small segment of Indiana's population. She asks local hospital systems if and how they'll address this racial disparity.

In the 2nd report, she identifies the three things leading to Indiana's rural healthcare limitations.

In the 3rd and final report, she discovers lawmakers failed to act on their promise to address pharmacy deserts. Her questions led to a renewed commitment for legislation in the next General Assembly session. 4 months after this report, the senator she pressed for answers filed SB319 to tackle pharmacy deserts. Lawmakers are now debating it.

Posted by Beairshelle Edmé on August 1, 2022 at 1:00 PM 32 Views